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Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr)
Label: Not On Label - FE001-02 • Format: CDr Maxi-Single • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Electro House, Electro, Eurodance, Progressive House

No response. She was probably at her friend Celeste's house watching boring musicals from the 70's and drinking tea. You sighed and opened the cupboard, pulling out a box of Lucky Charms.

Thats when you noticed the note on the refrigerator. You pulled if off and read:. You folded up the note, placed it on the counter, and checked the clock on the microwave. It was already pm. Grabbing the milk out of the fridge you had a bowl of cereal before heading back upstairs. Running downstairs you put the keys in your cardigan pocket, slipped on your grey Vans, and went out the door.

Since the park was only two blocks away, you took your time and enjoyed walking down the shady side of the street. The weather was perfect. Not too hot or cold. The clouds kept the sunlight from getting too intense, and there was a cool breeze. You suddenly got the feeling that someone was You paused, looked behind you, and saw nothing.

Shaking the feeling off as simple paranoia you continued walking. Reaching into your cardigan pocket you pulled out your Ipod and headphones. You put them on and listened to Favorite songdrowning out the outside noise.

Finally you arrived at the park, there were plenty of kids running around, dogs playing fetch, and joggers, but you couldn't find your mom or Celeste anywhere, so you kept walking. You glanced over at one end of the park where there was nothing but dark woods. It landed right in front of you. You took off your headphones and hung them around your neck. You picked up the small bear, and dusted it off, handing it to her. The small child hugged the bear to her chest and smiled.

The girl turned to go but then stared at you curiously. Thats very nice of you! Whats your name? I have to go. See ya! On your way you stopped to look at a beautiful hedge of rose bushes with vibrant red flowers growing from it.

Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) picked one and sniffed it. You spun around but saw no one. You relaxed to the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling on the trees and continued to walk. Approaching a wooden bench you sat down, tensing up when you saw a shadow behind you. You spun around and saw someone waking away.

You had to get to the bottom of this. Are you following me? But the person only started running. You quickly got to your feet and ran after the person. Keeping only close enough to see where they were going. The person ran into the woods that were behind the park.

Because of the high trees and think leaves the area was very dark. You brushed past tall shrubs and plants trying to keep up with the stranger. Your eyes met his. You stopped in your tracks. His face was in the shadow of a tree, but you could still see clearly.

It was a boy, about your age. His skin pale, large blue eyes, with dark marks around the edges. He had a unnaturally wide smile carved into his cheeks. Accuracy Since you won't be able to afford "hits can't be evaded" at league start, you have to deal with this problem. There are two solutions. The easiest solution is to use Lycosidae. This is simple, and you can forget about accuracy.

The other solution is to use the precision aura and gear with accuracy. This approach was OK in 3. Thus, the use of Lycosidae is highly recommended. It is extremely important for you to customize the passive tree so that your attack rate is close to but does not exceed the aps breakpoint.

Here are my gear in my test run:. This way you can maximize the number of hits per cast of ball lightning. Also make sure that you always pop up your diamond flask to increase crit chance. Note that for the first 2 seconds your actual DPS is lower than the calculated DPS, because during this period the number of ball lightings is not enough.

Unfortunately, almost all enemies die in 2 seconds, so you rarely see your real DPS. Hey guys - I wanted to come and chime in as a HC player. I've lost 2 97 and 96 CoC Ice Nova chars - did the Kami guide but tweaked it with defenses and even though I really enjoyed it, I like this build a lot more.

The scaling is way better and the damage output is significantly higher over the CoC Ice Nova. The way Kami has it setup also does massive damage but I had to drop a lot of stuff in order to gain defenses where on this build I can incorporate it while still being efficient. I have pasted my pastebin below and please feel free to ping me directly or ask Noesy for anything. He is an amazing guy and thank him for taking the time to put this together.

He did a phenomenal job and he is someone i've had on my friends list for a very long time. I wanted to wait to post until I did a lot of the end-game content.

The only thing missing for me is Aul and I am looking for him now - nothing so far up to depth but managing just fine in Delve. Things I still want to do to improve: 1.

I am sorry for the lengthy post but I owed this to Noesy as he has been an online buddy for a while and I wanted to give my take on this build from an HC standpoint. How can I improve my damage? They are not that expensive and increase your damage a lot. Forget about this mod until you become very rich. How can I improve my clear speed? While I'm happy with the clear speed of this build, you can improve it by: 1 using HH.

Note that you'll lose a lot of DPS by doing this, so this is recommended only for easy content. Awakened lightning pen vs inspiration For me inspiration gives slightly more shaper DPS, but it is possible that lightning pen is better for some players. There are other factors that favors inspiration over woke lightning pen: 1 mana cost of cyclone, 2 higher crit chance when you are run out of flask charges. You can use woke lightning pen if these factors are not a problem for you. Why is my crit chance low?

I miss ball lightning procs too often. Make sure your weapon has "hits can't be evaded". Otherwise you miss your attacks a lot. You can use Lycosidae if this crafted mod is too expensive for you. I run out of mana. If you want more mana regen, try the following modification to the passive tree.

You'll gain a lot Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) mana regen at the cost of a small amount of ES. Arc is fine but not my taste less ES on hit. Use whatever skill you like. This build doesn't scale well with HH, the only benefit being extra movement speed. If that's exactly what you want, use it. Dying Sun? Additional projectiles suck because they don't shotgun.

For the same reason, dying sun is not recommended. However, I found additional projectiles useful in Legion encounter, so if you are focusing on it you might want to use these. If you are looking for advise on your build, please give me your PoB. Linking items on the forum is not ideal because I miss a lot of important information. Please do not link your items ingame.

Posted by N0esy on Apr 5,PM. Quote this Post. Posted by tlang on Apr 5,PM. Hey man! This build looks sick as hell! Yesterday I leveled up a Shadow to level 93 using my mains gear. I have been looking for a "pure" boss killing build. What I mean is if stuff like clearspeed didn't exsist, what would you do differently with your build?

Posted by Slaxx on Apr 5,PM. Thank you so much for getting this together! Been following your posts on the older mjolner build. I killed my first Awakener last night and he dropped Awakened Spell Echo Bout pooped myself when I saw what they were worth.

Going to transition to this build tonight! Posted by Vanguard28 on Apr 5,PM. Posted by N0esy on Apr 6,AM. So Sup guys. Have some questions. I still have not enought currency but want to know the way.

At first i have only 6. Second issue that my dps is not okay against guards and quest mobs like reinars beasts or syndicate guys especially they comming together as 3 or 4. I think about change amu for same with more es and put tranquill on it. If cdr musthave i Will change belt, for same shapers crystal belt. Also i think my weapon is not bad.

So im in trouble xd, help pls. Posted by Karregog on Apr 6,AM. How do you get to 10k ES? This is my current build and I'm only at 7. Also, I'm running aspect of the spider. How do you have enough reduced mana to activate this? So I'm unsure how to even put wrath on even if I take out aspect of the spider. I've around 9 ex left. I'm unsure how I can get more attack speed.

Also, how important is the Militant Faith? I noticed yours have new faithful, what's that number? Posted by Wobbly on Apr 6,AM. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Follow Us. Introduction This is my new build guide for a CoC ball lightning build.

PreviouslyI used Mjolner as a weapon, but this time I use a rare sceptre. The build has very high DPS but is not a glass cannon at all. We use vortex to create them. Vortex is an instant skill, which means that you can cast it while channelling cyclone. Thus, although we use 2 active skills, the gameplay is very smooth. The most important defensive layer in this build is Watcher's eye with the "ES on hit" mod. Let's say, our ball lightning hits 13 times per cast and we cast 7 ball lightnings per second.

On top of that, we use energy shield leech and ES regeneration from consecrated ground. Important Notes Make sure to read this!

Spoiler Cast on critical strike CoC has a cooldown of ms, and you don't want to attack faster than this. Gear Spoiler Budget option is described at the bottom of this section Current gear Optimal gem setup in helm depends on your budget. Go to the skill gem section for details.

Minimum Requirement: Sceptre : Hits can't be evaded. High crit chance is highly prefered. The attack speed roll does't have to be good. If you are looking for 6. If you are looking for 7. If you are looking for Keep in mind that you don't have to follow these numbers exactly, as you can change your attack speed by, for example, dropping silver flask. You can use a dagger if you don't need fortify. If you are unsure how good your sceptre is, please read the following Big thank you to kentishtown!

You need dex to use level 21 slower projectiles support, which means you need 81 dex from your gear. It took a few tries, but Bill got it in the end and suddenly everything went silent. No colors, besides what should be there. No sounds, besides the cacophony of the crowd, occasional owl screeches, etc. My voice was soft, but enthusiastic. If anything, I corrupted Percy. His edges are looking awfully indigo lately.

Bill laughed, ruffling my hair affectionately. I nodded, taking his hand again and ducking into his shadow when the crowds threatened to carry me away. My brother grinned sheepishly. He scratched the back of his head; his hair was getting longer, but not enough for Mum to have really noticed it yet.

Bill looked startled, but then nodded. He chuckled again. I shrugged, and was about to reply when we arrived. Flourish and Blotts was a right bit bigger than the movies and amusement parks depicted, but it still seemed narrow and cramped with how the stacks of books were practically walls. Bill and I squeezed in, shuffling through a bit of crowd at the ground floor before escaping upstairs.

Up here was much more empty, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found there was actually another story, and the floors were quite a bit bigger than should be physically possible. I never asked, Lyssie, but what are you researching here? I grinned. I want to confirm something with my dizzy spells. Bill nodded. Even if it sounds incredibly boring. Maybe if you find something interesting about the Weasleys, I can take those snooty pureblood idiots at school down a notch.

He threw his head back and laughed. I laughed. Ah, well, best get to work. Come on, Lys. What I was actually searching for, of course, was two-pronged: what was different about this world that made the war so violent, and why I was reborn here. And if I was put here for a reason, was there going to be a cost for not fulfilling that reason?

Would I even really be able to get concrete answers from researching, or was I practically grabbing at smoke? Too many coincidences. Blood was important in magical society, after all; no prejudices were without reason, even if the prejudices themselves were stupid as fuck.

At one point, actually, a dizzy spell set in; I had to bury my face in a book to hide the obvious unfocused irises of my eyes when that happened. Little flashes of visions, some spells with very gruesome effects — I jotted down notes on those after the vision passed, in a little notebook that Dad had gotten for me just in case I wanted to have physical reminders of what I Saw — a lot of interesting bits of history, like the Hagia Sophia. Weird, I Occluded yesterday.

Maybe the spells? Hidden in the shelves, I dug into my Extended pockets for the little purple notebook. Yep, that was a gruesome spell. Was it somehow important? Or the other ones? I shook my head. Ah, this was where the Sacred Twenty-Eight stuff popped up from. I grinned at finding both the Prewetts and the Weasleys. Prewett was positively ancient.

It was Latinized to Perette, then Anglicized to Prevett, and somehow Germanic languages were involved it became Prewett… Powerful blood, most children born with Grey or Light cores until the early seventeenth century, when they intermarried with Voraustes, who were completely Dark a dead name, now ; then they started gravitating more towards Grey with the occasional Light or Dark.

Ah, Weasley, there it is. Predominantly Light and Grey cores? He looked up immediately, which honestly spoke volumes; the Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) loved his Runes. I gave him a wide-eyed, innocent stare that Fred and George had helped me create.

He dove right back into his Egyptian Runes and I looked back at the Directory. So, Weasley: similar to the Prewetts, been around since the Druidic reign at least.

It fell to obscurity, though remained Pureblood, and it was only during the beginning of the Italian Renaissance that it somewhat began to resemble my surname, though it was apparently a predominantly Dark house for a while. Dark crimson hair, long and silky — pale face all angles and shadows — silvery eyes that darted to and from the corners of the room, the hidden places under the furniture. Two men sitting at a fireplace made of white limestone — Their wands twirled through long fingers and elegant hands.

I snapped to attention. Bill was giving me a concerned look. The Twin Dark Lords, huh? I blinked again, and started to read.

Under the reign of the Twin Dark Lords, Estmaro II and Ambrose Wealse, the House of Wealse grew disgustingly powerful and feared, mostly in Italiawhere the main branch relocated for cultural enrichment purposes.

But they honestly grew so insane that the rest of the House freaked out, disowned them — including their father — and then the Directory just kinda moves onto how only Estmaro II had a child, who was a bastard, and there was all kinds of goddamn drama because of that. Oh, and most of the family was wiped out at some point. More on Helvynya Prevett, page A Clairvoyant. A Clairvoyant of both Prevett and Wealse. Who died a violent, grisly death; one bad enough that her children became demented Dark Lords?

She has been said to have been murdered in an unspeakably cruel fashion, consequently traumatizing her witnessing Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) into insanity Ambrose Wealse and Estmaro Wealse II, see page ….

Sollertia Augurium. That must hold some answers, even if my little theory proved itself wrong. And my theory could be wrong… after all, Helvynya Prevett might just be some innocent woman that just died a very gruesome death, right?

I could go somewhere with this. Piece of cake. I was a fucking college student. I can damn well do my research. I really had to resist the urge to cackle. Bill might give me funny looks. When we were in our own minds proper, both of us were pale-faced and I was trembling with violent Fearfearfearfearfear.

I could feel the visions playing out between us: blood splattering like blooming red flowers — leaking from ripped flesh — haggard breathing — fire-colored hair darkened with sweat and blood, soaked in the stuff without abandon.

I hesitated. The colors of his magic are dark, almost black; some of it is black, and he loves it. When he gives them white masks, he makes Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr) Or worse.

I gripped my hands into fists, hating the steady thrums of fear that was being slipped through my blood like my heart was working against me. With every word, the Hogwarts Headmaster deflated into a sorrowful, Farvater Eleven - Feeling Killer (CDr), pitying old man.

A tired one, too. He sighed. I frowned, and looked at him, letting no self-pity or weakness show. Dumbledore, for his part, looked amazed. He gave me a very kind smile. And that is what makes you strong, Guinevere Weasley. He smiled, and it was a tad more genuine this time. Then he looked away, towards his high-arching windows, and sighed.

You asked me about magical cores, before. Light, Dark, and Grey. I told you not to worry of it. I nodded. Occlumency took up lots of my time, with how bloody strong my Clairvoyance was getting. There was a reason Seers were usually locked away from public view, after all. The visions and power came randomly and weakened our physical bodies; we were just too damn fragile for the world. Oracle of Delphi? Occlumency meant meditation, though, which made my magic stronger.

Like a muscle, I kept destroying and rebuilding it. It was an endless cycle. Yeah, magical core theory was kinda the last thing on my mind. I know Occlumency and wandless magic and magical control are important. And Grey, the ambiguous middle-ground that is rarely untainted by either side.

These are not just the proclaimed sides of the First Wizarding War, my dear. Alby nodded. It is only one of the many branches researched in the infamous Department of Mysteries. I listened attentively; there was a reason he was hiding this from me, then? Light magicks are inherently weaker than Dark, but are easier to use and master. Dark magicks are taking, conquering, etc.

When one uses Dark magicks with negative emotions and strong will and intent to harm or destroy too often, in too close of a succession, Madness begins to take root.

The stronger the emotions, the more likely it is the emotions will take over your mind. Alby smiled a little. He gave another grave nod. And the reason I have been guiding you as I have is because you are the first of your siblings to have a naturally Dark core. Oh, this is making too much sense all of a sudden.


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    Sep 24,  · WIth 52%+ CDR, your optimal attack rate is Note that there is no difference between, for example, 14% CDR and 20% CDR. If you have a limited budget, you'll have no CDR and should look for aps or slightly lower than this. If you have 30+ ex, you can get % CDR, so look for aps. % CDR can be obtained from your belt.

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