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Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD)
Label: Союз - SZCD 3538-05 • Series: Союз Восточный - 1 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Russia • Genre: Pop •

Transition from Type 2. Earth is special! It is the only place around with intelligent life! It is the only place around with Intelligence destined to become Extraterrestrial Intelligence! John P. HoldrenCourtesy to Dr. It consists of 30 satellites and ground infrastructure. Galileo is developedinternational standards for GNSS. With the satellites taking about 14 hours tosatellites. With the satellites taking about 14 hours to orbit Earth at altitudes of 23 km, there will alwaysorbit Earth at altitudes of 23 km, there will always be at least four satellites visible anywhere in the world.

The 30 satellites will be in three orbital planes at anThe 30 satellites will be in three orbital planes at an angle of 56 degrees to the equator, which will provideangle of 56 degrees to the equator, which will provide coverage right up to the polar regions. The full Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD) is to comprise 30the rest in Security, Environment. In the coming years, a demonstration mission, communication satellites, two rovers and several cargo missions will be sent to Mars.

These missions will set up the outpost where the human crew will live and work. The search for Astronauts began in April More than 78, registered for the selection program within two weeks of its launch. Corporation, etc. Technology, Information Warfare. Effective use of cyber technologies cantoday's battlefield.

Effective use of cyber technologies can gain dominance on the battlefield or force the enemy togain dominance on the battlefield or force the enemy to retreat by shutting down its command infrastructure orretreat by shutting down its command infrastructure or communication network. Any part of the critical infrastructure may begovernments. Any part of the critical infrastructure may be subject to attack, from banking and utilities to transport orsubject to attack, from banking and utilities to transport or the supply of essential goods and commodities.

Cyber crimes cost countries billions of dollarsthe internet. This is when the hard Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD) truly began.

With a solid lineup, the band began an all-out assault on Hollywood. Front page covers on all of the LA rock press magazines arose, and record labels began to take notice. Diligently writing and rehearsing in their shared Hollywood gigs, the boys played endlessly throughout However, the band needed to eventually change their name.

With their new name, a new phase of the band history was about to begin. Made in RU. Not much. It has a way of speaking for itself. The Night Flight Orchestra. The songs are well-written, melodic and catchy, the members are all masters of their instruments, and the production is spot on.

Undoubtedly one of the top releases of ! The Apaches. These great musicians create a futuristic world in sound. Secret Alliance. We were worried about a person that had become a friend, I first met Gregg on MySpace in and Melodic Revolution picked up the self-titled Echoes Landing for release.

Fast track to today Scarlet Hollow has returned stronger, more focused and sounding better than ever. Report your friends' answers to the class. Match each part of the song with the singer. Sandals and high heels and tight flared jeans These are my favourite, favourite things.

Clothes will come in, clothes will go out. Clothes will change with time. Just let me wear what I feel good about. Big, baggy T-shirts and warm, comfy sweaters. Trainers and raincoats and waterproof jackets. Caps and a rucksack, and some old worn jeans, ,Just let me stay in my favourite things. Clothes will come in, clothes will go out, Clothes will change with time. English in focus Cerutti, Gucci, Burberry designer labels.

What's the full form of the adjective "comfy"? Support your answers with the sentences from the song. Model: Emily likes baggy jeans. Rob likes to wear comfy clothes. Mark is happy if he can wear his old trainers. Rob never wears jeans. Emily hates designer clothes. Rob always buys expensive clothes. Expensive clothes are always in fashion. Mark likes his worn jeans. Discuss these statements. Do you agree with them? Waterproof jackets are in fashion this year.

Worn jeans are out of fashion. Sandals are out and high heels are in. Tight clothes are not very popular this year. T-shirts for men never go out of fashion.

This year girls should wear flared jeans. Could you Homework 6. A Write your own list of things, that ore in or out of fashion at the moment. Refer to fashion magazines, TV programmes and other sources of information. This dress is not suitable for the party. This sweater is not fashionable, but I still like it. C Change the sentences from reported into direct speech and translate them into Russian. Mary tells her friends to leave quickly because her mum is very angry with her. The shop assistant tells her that she has to wear socks to try the shoes on.

She tells her friend that her clothes are out of fashion. Helen says that she is having a great time in Spain. She says that she prefers casual clothes. Ann tells Jane that she likes casual clothes. Unit 2 Lessons 2, 3 55 Lesson 4 Grungers and Preppies Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

Look at the pictures and try to guess which four groups of people Mark is talking about? Read the text and match the pictures with the names of the groups. Explain your choices with the facts from the text.

Model: Number 1 is a A lot of my friends dress in order to be a part of a group; they choose a hairstyle to fit an image. Why do they do that? Before Rob and I went to public school in Yorkshire we went to an ordinary comprehensive school in London. Every new pupil who came had to join one of the groups and got labelled forever. A lot of the names for the groups came from the music people listened to: grunge, rock, punk, or pop music.

If you listened to grunge music, you had to follow the grunger style. Grungers had skateboards, and they wore baggy jeans, with baggy, hooded tops, loose T-shirts and silver or black metal jewellery or chains. And if you listened to gothic punk, you were labelled a goth, or someone who liked the darker side of things. Goths wore black clothes, Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD) both girls and boys used black and white make-up and dyed their hair black.

But they were wrong; a lot of goths were actually very nice, interesting people. I just wanted to be myself, listen to the music I liked and live my own life.

I always try to be myself and hope that other people will respect me for that. Mark says that everybody in his London school was labelled. Mark thinks that it is good to be part of a group. Mark thinks that it is bad to be labelled. Mark hopes that other people will respect him because he is a preppy. Make a list of verbs and adjectives formed in the same way.

Answer the questions. Talk about yourself, a friend or someone you have heard about. Model: Have you ever had any problems because you wore unusual clothes? What are your interests? What kind of music do you listen to? Is it necessary to wear unusual clothes to show what your interests are? Have you ever had any problems because you wore unusual clothes? Is there a particular group in your school or your neighbourhood you wani to join? Do you think people who wear unusual clothes and make-up do so because they want to be a part of a group or because they want to stand out and show their individuality?

Give your own examples or ones from your friends' experience. Homework A Tell your friend that Betty asks her son not to disturb her. The mother tells her son not to lean out of the window. Say the sentences using reported speech, 1. Read the conversation for detail.

Misha: Hello. Are you Angela V.? I just love your songs! Could you give me your autograph? Here you are. Thank you, bye! Wait a second. Where do you come from? Your English is very good. Could you help me do some shopping here? Of course. Could you get me three shop assistants and tell me how to say these sentences in English?

Show me where the fitting room is. Bring me all the size 8 red dresses that you have. Help me try these shoes on. Be ready to wait for a long time. Agree with everything that I say.

Hurry up! Could you talk to the shop assistant for me? Report the requests from the dialogue according to the model. Change the sentences according to the model. Model: Help me try these shoes on. How should Misha speak to the shop assistants to make Angela's instructions more polite? Choose the correct version and rewrite the sentences from the dialogue Model: Miss Angela is telling you to bring her all the size 8 red dresses that you have in the shop. Or Miss Angela is asking you to bring her all the size 8 red dresses that you have in the shop.

Now he is talking to Emily and Rob and telling them what happened to him. Listen to the story and put the pictures in the correct order. Match the pictures with the mini-dialogues. Please leave the shop. Please, let me stay. Model: The man is asking the shop assistant to show him the T-shirt. Who says these phrases: the shop assistant or the customer?

L Does it fit? Make up as many mini-dialogues as you can with these sentences. You can use some sentences more than once. Model: Customer: Do you have these jeans in a larger size? Where did they go? Where are they? Mary asks, ''What is Liz doing? She asks John, "Where does Tom go every week?

Ann asks her mum if Jim phoned yesterday and Mum says that he didn 7. Say the phrases of Ex. Emily, Misha and Rob are at the shopping mall. Read the statements and say if they are true, false or there's no information.

Support your answers with what they say in the dialogue. Model: In Russia there are no big malls. Misha says that in Russia they have big malls, too. Some shops in Russia close at night. Stores in America close at night. Most English shops close at around 6 p. Some English shops are open at weekends.

Rob: Wow, this place is really huge! Emily: We call it a mall. There are more than a hundred stores in it!

Misha: In Russia we have some malls too. The biggest ones are in Moscow. You can spend the whole day there and they are open at night too. Unit 2 Lesson. Unit 3 Lesson 83 Write the missing form on condition that the verb introducing direct speech is in the Post Simple. He asked me if I had been in the new theatre, Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD). He said that he was in the theatre at the moment.

We were told that she was ill. She said that she was cleaning her room. Lena thought that she would be back early. They told me that they were watching a film, They were asked where they lived. Here's what they said when they saw her. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech. Model: Sally: I like your new blouse.

Sally said that she liked Aliceas new blouse. I was thinking about you when you came. I like your new blouse. Andrew asked Wendy if she had heard the news. We were glad that they were coming. She told them not to phone her brother. She asked why the girl was crying.

She asked the shop assistant if that dress was in fashion. Lessons 2,3 What happened to Jane? Ijjj Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Have you ever been on a diet? Why did you start a diet? Did you try to lose or to gain weight?

What did you eat? What food did you have to give up to lose weight? Was it a positive or a negative experience? Did it work? Did the weight come back after you finished your diet? People with excess weight have problems with self-esteem.

Film stars and models set a bad example. All diets are bad for you. You must take care of yourself and not diet too much. Where are you going? Do they know? Rob: But what is it? Emily: OK. My friend Jane has always had low self-esteem. Once she told me that she hated herself, but I just laughed. Last year things started to get worse because Jane had gained a bit of weight. She thought that she was fat. She said that she would only be happy if she was as thin as a supermodel.

Then she started to lose weight. Every week she was getting thinner and thinner. When I left for England, Jane was a size 6. We kept in touch by e-mail and she wrote to me that she was all right. From her letters I also knew that she had joined our local drama club and was going to be an actress after school. I was happy for her and thought that she had forgotten all that nonsense about dieting.

We met again three weeks ago when I came back from England. She was pale, thin and a size 2! It was then I realized what had happened to my friend. How could you be so stupid, Emily? Do you remember the girl from our school, who was expelled last year? Yes, I remember. It was Kate Ferguson.

But why was she expelled? She had the same problem as your friend Jane. She thought that she was fat and started dieting. The teacher found out that she had been setting a bad example. Other girls also decided to start dieting and stopped eating. What should I do now? Complete the sentences with the information from the text. Emily knew that Jane had very low self-esteem because once Jane had told her Jane got upset because she thought When the girls invited Jane to the pizzeria, she always said When Emily asked Jane When Emily was in England, Jane wrote to her that When Emily read those letters, she thought that Emily realized that Jane Observe the sequence of tenses in your answers.

Discuss Emily's behaviour. Answer the questions and report them to the class. Did Emily understand that her friend had a problem? What were the signs of the problem? Why did she behave like that? Was Emily a good friend to Jane? Did Emily make a mistake or was she right to act the way she did?

What was the problem? Did you tell anybody? Was it a good decision or were your sorry about it later? Homework English in focus Emily and her friends are going to the hospital to visit Jane. They want to make her laugh and are getting all of the best jokes they know ready to tell.

Every joke has a punch line which is usually the final word or sentence. The which produces a sudden, funny effect and makes people laugh. Take this joke, for example: Patient: Doctor!

Nobody ever listens to me. No one ever pays any attention to what I have to say. Doctor: Next, please! Read the joke and answer the questions: What's the punch line of the joke? Who was the man talking to? Retell the joke in reported speech. A father and his baby One Sunday some visitors to Hyde Park, who were sitting on benches quietly enjoying their sandwiches, were suddenly surprised by a strange young man.

The young man was pushing a pram. The baby in the pram was crying loudly. You should control yourself, Tom. The young man stopped, took some chocolate out of his bag and gave it to the baby. It just cried louder and louder. An old woman who had been watching the man came up to him and smiled. Why are you crying? Tom is my name. Aesop and the traveller Aesop, a Greek philosopher, was famous for his jokes.

One day Aesop was out for a walk when he saw a man. The man was lost. The traveller went away. After the traveller had gone some distance, Aesop shouted after him. Listen to the expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Match the expressions with their translations.

Sometimes more than one combination is possible. How can you burn calories? What physical activity do you do every day? Give examples of a balanced diet. What should a person eat? Do you like it? Do you think it tastes good? Are they popular? Do you like the food there?

Emily and her friends have come to visit Jane. The hospital is holding a conference on healthy lifestyles. A government health advisor. Read the following statements. Listen to the conference and check your answers. Do you agree with these statements? Listen to your parents when they Somebody who Homework A Translate the following statements into Russian. She asked Andrew to come to her house at 6. He told us he had never been there before.

John asked Peter if he could help him. We asked Mary where she had been. She told Martin she would be able to meet him at 7. He said that Moscow is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

She told her son to tell the truth. The mother asked her son what he was doing. A into direct speech. Balanced, healthy, casual, strict, vegetarian — DIET 2.

Everybody wants to Lessons 5,6 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" 1 Choose the correct word and complete the sentences. Kate eats a kilo of sweets a day. If you want to lose weight, you should do This yoghurt has Would you like some cheese?

This year we have I think we should make jams and juice. You need very People who eat fruit and vegetables have Next time you should buy The meat they were eating was tasty.

Fill in the gaps with the article the when necessary. He said that there was Children should drink At what temperature does Pass me Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Match the words and the translations. Use the words from the list. What would you like to know about eating better and a healthy lifestyle? Prepare some questions. They asked Mr Small and Mr Foam some questions. Read the questions and try to answer them.

What should 1 do? Which of your own questions were answered? However, it's always better to do some exercise than none at all. Here are some simple tips for you. Eat smaller portions You don't have to give up all your favourite food, but you'll have to eat less bread, sugar and fat. Take a smafer plate and put less food on it. But don't skip meals.

It won't do you any good. Don't eat less fruit and vegetables. They are always good for you. Concentrate on your food Don't read or watch TV when you eat. Put your knife and fork down and chew your food slowly and carefully.

You'll feel full sooner and won't eat so much. Unit 3 Lessons 5, 6 95 Have healthy snacks Forget about high-fat, high-calorie snacks: cookies, potato chips and soda. Make your own sandwiches with meat and vegetables.

Drink water or juice instead of Coke and lemonade. Have an apple instead of a hot dog. Drink a lot of water Your body needs a lot of water. Drink at least two litres of water every day. Tea and coffee don't count! Don't eat after 7 p. Have your last meal at least two hours before you go to bed. The answer is no. Most of them aren't safe either.

If you take them, you can sometimes be putting your health in danger. Anybody who promises you that is telling you a lie. You can go on a very strict diet of fewer than calories a day for a week or two and lose Салма - Various - Союз Восточный (CD), but you won't be happy with the result. A diet like this will leave you feeling weak and give you headaches, bad breath and bad skin.

When you finish it, the weight will come back quickly. You could even gain some excess weight. As a result you'll look and feel miserable. But if you live in a region where it's difficult to get them, you should take multivitamins. Some juices contain a lot of sugar, which is bad for your teeth. When you buy juice read the information on the box. There must be no added sugar in it. As an alternative just have an apple or a carrot.

They are better for you than any juice.


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    VA-Хиты х от студии Союз. Part ,5 () Рейтинг: 10 из VA - Самых золотых хитов х и х ().
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    Формат: DVD5, DVD Video, MPEG2, AC3 Песня: Союз-3 Жанр: Pop Продолжительность: Год выпуска: Видео.
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    Dec 19,  · Восточный групповой танец (bellydance). Праздничный концерт "Рождественская Сахара" в школе восточного танца.
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    Что такое «Восемь страданий бытия»? Люди почитающие буддийскую религию, из восьми понятий выбирают лишь два, считая их основными – это скорбь .
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    Описание: Род Донгу - древний и могучий род, обладающий особым сокровищем, которое дает владельцу небывалую силу. Однако глава рода исчез, оставив жену и дочь. Но когда доченьке исполняется 16 лет, ее матушку поражает.

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